Heraldry Decals & Design Commissions

for War-gamers & Longbow Archers

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The decal-sets contained in this extended range are designed for use, or are compatible, with any 28mm medieval period plastic and metal miniatures. The sets currently available are:

Fields & Furs

Ermine tails

Vair, Vairy and Vairy en Point


Heraldic Beasts




Griffins [Griffons or Gryphons]


Product pricing

Fields & Furs

70mm X 105mm (⅛ sheet size) sets

£3.60 = £3.00 + 20% EU VAT (Price code ES0)

Heraldic Beasts

70mm X 70mm (1/12 sheet size) sets

£3.00 = £2.50 + 20% EU VAT (Price code DDS0)

PLEASE NOTE: All decal-sets in this range are printed on CLEAR decal film, and therefore must be applied to either a white-painted or natural metal surface.

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