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This page contains feedback and comments received from customers who have bought and used my products, as well from clients who have used my design services to produce decals and sets exclusive to them.  

The comments and feedback are all genuine, and have been copied straight from their e-mails.  

You don't stop to amaze me; the coat of arms is really nice ! You really did a great job here, and I'll make sure to recommend you to my friends (if you would like that, that is...).

Marino - Belgium

The transfers were waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday and I have to say I'm very impressed! The amount of detail on even the tiniest ones is superb. The packaging was very sturdy and the instructions are very clear and concise.  I can't wait to try some out, and I'll send you some pictures when I do.

Once again, it's been a pleasure and I'm sure we will have dealings together in the future.

Andy - UK

I want to thank you for your help making my transfer sheets for my crusader army, it’s really looking great and takes all Danish tabletops by storm.

Henrik - Denmark

Decals arrived yesterday, really good. Have started to use them already, a couple of false starts but getting the hang of it now.

Thanks again for the excellent service.

Phil - UK

Package arrived today. Thank you very much, good service.

Alex - Belgium

As for fine details, well, I just commissioned Citadel Six. Haven't got the transfers yet but Geoff's work is top quality judging from the templates he emailed me.

Brenton - Australia

I just wanted to let you know that the transfers have arrived safely with me and I am very happy with them, they will do very well for my needs and the additional information and instructions are very helpful and comprehensive.

Thank you for a flawless transaction and I hope to be able to call upon your services again in the future.

Andrew - Scotland

Many thanks for the quick return and customer service which is second to none. The extra decals were over and above the call of duty but much appreciated.

Love the products themselves and will certainly recommend you to one and all.

You will be first port of call when I have to force myself to paint any Yorkists.

Steve - UK

Just wanted to let you know that the super awesome transfers arrived. The wife took one look at them and said, "Those are so you." Which translated means they are awesome. Well, now I need to just take some time off to get crackin on the minis!

All the best to you and thanks again!

Rob - USA

Just wanted to drop a line saying how much I enjoyed working with your decals. They are by far, much easier than other decal companies’ that I have worked with in the past, and not nearly as stiff. I can definitely foresee me using your decals again for future client commissions.

Michael - USA

Just wanted to thank you for the free battle standards sheet and the very timely shipment. It arrived early last week and the decals look fantastic! I'm really looking forward to using them.
I haven't finished painting the first batch yet, it's a 12-man Perry Miniatures Lancastrian Army under Beaufort, my time has been very limited lately, but I'll send you some picks, when they're finished.
John - UK

I've used the transfers on a couple of units of 28mm Perry WOTR infantry and found them fairly easy to use. I did find the thickness of the transfer to be a little bit much so they didn't wrap around the curve on the body so well. I think next time I'd buy some of those decal fixing sets that you can get to loosen them. As I dip the models it helped hide the difference in the transfer and the pattern and often makes them look like sewn on patches. I thought your packaging was great - it was nice to get the sample flags and your instructions are so comprehensive. That really impressed me.

In summary - great packaged product, would like slightly thinner transfers, but i would definitely recommend you to others.

Steve - Warlord Games, UK

Thanks so much for all your hard work and being so courteous with my constant changes. You’ve been fantastic to deal with. You should consider branching out into more than just Bretonnian work.

David - Australia

I received your decals.

Very very professional, high quality transfers, perfect print.

I am very happy. I am sure we'll make other business in the future.

Thank you and compliments again.

Davide - Italy

Yes, they're absolutely fantastic, thank you.

Ellen - SGTS’ MESS

The transfers arrived yesterday, OUTSTANDING, the quality is second to none and will raise the finish of the units no end, many thanks.  

Phil - UK

Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived the other morning. The transfers are fantastic! Do you have plans to create other badges for this period?

Richard - Channel Islands

Excellent service and an excellent product. Thank you.

Steve - UK

It has been an absolute delight to work with you.  I am so grateful.  You can count yourself as a dream-come-true maker since this has been one of Mark's dreams.

Katrina - USA

I've already used your decals for a Lancaster army, with excellent results. So I would like to take advantage of your custom decals service for two projects that I go to start.

Davide - Italy

I got my order today, very impressed. Best flags I have seen for wargaming.

Stephen - UK

Received them this morning. Fantastic. The most detailed decals on the market. The banner is awesome. I am a member of the Steve Dean miniature painting site and will certainly discuss your decals on the forum.

Wayne - UK

Received safely this morning, thank you.

Excellent! Very pleased with the results. Thank you for your work and patience on this.

Nick - UK

I would like to say that your work on banners is the best I’ve seen! I really appreciate your work!

Elias - Sweden

Your decals look great! I saw a video review linked from the Round table of Bretonnia website.

Gary - Canada

Thanks. Your work is Beautiful, and I really appreciate your time, effort, and attention to detail.

Kenneth - USA

Your water transfer decals are works of art. Amazing research and execution.

Michael - USA

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the transfers and banners, especially for making the Richard Woodville ones for me, they look fantastic! I'm looking forward to getting the troops painted up and deployed.

Paul - UK

Love the WOTR sets. They really are very good.

Andy - UK

Your Somerset and Warwick flags arrived yesterday. They're fantastic.
Simon - UK

First, I want to thank you for using french language with me.

I quickly received my order and the decals look superb. You are just great.
Gauthier - France

Thanks for the brilliant service. They have arrived safe and sound.

Toby - UK

Beautiful work, those are very striking designs. I'm more than happy with those, thank you.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

More lovely work you've done there. Everything you've produced is superb.
Simon - UK

My latest order has arrived. Thanks for the terrific service!
Michael - USA

Gauthier (France) -

Simon - UK

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