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If you wish to commission me to create an heraldic design, or designs, and produce a custom-designed decal-set for you, then please send me an e-mail with as much of the following information as possible, to help me arrive at the finished product as effectively and quickly as possible:

Please provide any photos or drawings / sketches of the sorts of designs you have in mind.

Please note the following:

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A flat rate, one-off Design Commission Fee of £36.00 is charged for all commission work, in addition to the cost of the actual decal-sets and their delivery.

The Design Commission Fee is payable before design work for the commission commences. The costs of the completed decal-sets and their delivery are payable on completion of the commission and before the order will be dispatched.

The more information that you can provide me with, the sooner I can produce the finished decal- set(s) for you, as well as give you a fairly accurate estimate of the production and shipping costs.


Printed on high quality, water-slide CLEAR decal film. However the surfaces on which the decals are to be applied need to be painted white first, to serve as a white opaque layer. This is because I cannot print white. Commercially produced decals are printed onto clear decal film, which is then printed with a white opaque base coat before the colours used to create the decal images are printed. The white base coat prevents any colours, beneath the decal, from showing through.  

I cannot print metallic colours, i.e. gold, silver, steel, brass, etc. However, I can produce non-metallic metallic colours, i.e. simulated gold or silver, etc.

All colours used are traditional heraldic tinctures and metals. Refer to Matching Paints to Decal Colours for a table of the corresponding paint ranges and colours. However, I can and do match other colours as near as possible, where they are required as part of the design. To do this, the client needs to specify the paint manufacturer and colour tint, or provide an FS (or equivalent) standard paint code for use as reference.  

Production process

Use the Product Categories and Services menu, above, for further information, or browse the Design Galleries to find designs appropriate for your miniatures or table-top army.

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