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Armorial Roll 1150 - 1350




Noble & Titles

HAR001 (Alexander III, King of Scotland).png


Alexander III (1241–1286)

King of Scots (1249–86)

HAR0023 (Thomas, 6th Earl of Warwick).png


Thomas de Beauchamp (~1313–1369), 11th Earl of Warwick

Hereditary High Sheriff of Worcestershire (1333–69)

High Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire (1344–69)

Marshall of England (1343/4–69), English Commander at Crécy and Poitiers

Guardian of Edward, the Black Prince

Arms displayed are those of the Newburgh Earls of Warwick

HAR003 (Llywelyn ap Gruffydd).png


Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (~1223–1282)

Last King of Wales (1258–82)

Prince of Wales & Gwynedd (1246-82)

HAR004 (John de Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl).png


John de Strathbogie (~1266–1306)

9th Earl of Atholl

Warden & Judiciary of Scotland

HAR005 (Baldwin de Revers, Earl of Devon).png


Baldwin de Redvers (??–1155)

1st Earl of Devon (1141–55)

HAR006 (Edmund, Earl of Cornwall).png


Edmund of Almain (1249–1300)

2nd Earl of Cornwall (1272–1300)

HAR007 (Ranulph, Earl of Chester).png


Ranulph de Blondeville (1170–1232)

4th/6th Earl of Chester  (1181–1232)

1st Earl of Lincoln (1217–31)

HAR008 (William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby).png


William de Ferrers I (??-1190), 3rd Earl of Derby (1162–90)

William de Ferrers II (~1168–~1247), 4th Earl of Derby (1168–1247)

William de Ferrers III (1193–1254), 5th Earl of Derby (1247–54)

HAR009 (de Montfort, Earl of Leicester).png


Simon de Montfort IV 'The Elder' (~1175–1218)

5th Earl of Leicester (1206–18)

Lord of Montfortl'Amaury, Lord High Steward (1206–18)

HAR010 (William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury).png


William Longespée “Long Sword” (~1176–1226)

3rd Earl of Salisbury (1196–1226)

Sir William II Longespée “Long Sword” (~1212–1250)

fitzWilliam 3rd Earl of Salisbury

HAR011 (Saer de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester).png


Saer [Saher] de Quincy (~1170–1219)

1st Earl of Winchester (1207-19)

HAR012 (Fulk FitzWarin).png


Fulk I FitzWarin (??–1170/1) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk II FitzWarin (??–1197) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk III FitzWarin (~1160–1258), Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk IV FitzWarin (??–1264) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk V FitzWarin, (1251–1315), 1st Baron FitzWarin

HAR013 (Gui de Brienne).png


Guy de Bryan [Gui de Brienne] (<1319–1390)

1st Baron Bryan (1275-97), King’s Standard Bearer at Calais (1346)

Keeper of the Great Sealof England (1349), Admiral of the Fleet (1369)

HAR014 (Roger de Trumpington).png


Sir Roger de Trumpington (??–1289)

Crusader knight of Cambridgeshire

HAR015 (Amaury de Lucy).png


Amaury [Emery] de Lucy (~1210–1276)

HAR016 (Geoffrey de Geneville, 1st Baron Geneville).png


Geoffrey de Geneville [Joinville] (1225/33–1314)

1st Baron Geneville, Baron of Trim (County Meath in Ireland)

Seigneur of Vaucouleurs (Champagne), Marshal of England (1297)

HAR017 (William de Greystoke).png


William de Greystoke (1321–1359)

2nd Baron Greystoke (1323–59)

HAR018 (William de Middleton).png


William de Middleton (??–1288)

Archdeacon of Canterbury (1275)

Bishop of Norwich (1278–88)

HAR019 (Roald de Richmond).png


Sir Roald de Richmond 'The Elder' (~1165–1252)

4th Constable of Richmond Castle

Sir Roald de Richmond 'The Younger” (~1230–1262)

6th Constable of Richmond Castle

HAR020 (Mathieu IV de Montmorency, Comte de Montmorency).png


Mathieu IV de Montmorency 'Le Grand' (1252–1304)

Baron de Montmorency, Seigneur de Damville

Amiral et Grand Chambellan de France

Historic Designs Page 9

The designs featured on this page are all of an historical nature and, therefore, will not be unique to either your miniatures or your table-top army. They are intended purely for use with miniature ranges that are appropriate to the medieval period of history. Design codes are next to the thumbnail images. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of the design.

When commissioning a set of decals, please quote the design codes you wish to have incorporated into your decal-set.