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The designs featured on this page are all of an historical nature and, therefore, will not be unique to either your miniatures or your table-top army. They are intended purely for use with miniature ranges that are appropriate to the medieval period of history. Design codes are shown below the displayed images.

When commissioning a set of decals, please quote the design codes you wish to have incorporated into your decal-set.  

Hundred Years War - Agincourt 1415 English Knights

HYWE001 Henry V of Lancaster [Plantagenet] (1386/87–1422), King of England and Lord of Ireland (1413-22), Prince of Wales (1399–1413), Duke of Aquitaine (1400–22), Duke of Cornwall (1399–1413), Duke of Lancaster (1399–1413, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1409–1412)

HYWE002 Edward of Norwich [Plantagenet] (~1373–1415), 2nd Duke of York (1402–15)

HYWE003 Humphrey of Lancaster (1390–1447), 1st Duke of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Pembroke

HYWE004 Sir John de Mowbray (1392–1432), 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1425–32), Earl Marshal of England  (1412–32), Earl of Nottingham (1405–32)

HYWE005 Edmund de Mortimer (1391–1425), 5th Earl of March (1398–1425), 7th Earl of Ulster (1398–1425)

HYWE006 John Holland (1395-1447), Duke of Exeter (1439–47), Earl of Huntingdon (1416–47), Lord High Admiral of England (1435–47)

HYWE007 Thomas Montacute (1388–1428), 4th Earl of Salisbury (1421–28),Earl of Perche (1419–28), 6th & 3rd Baron Montacute, 5th Baron Monthermer (1421–28)

HYWE008 Thomas Beaufort (1395-1447), 1st Duke of Exeter (1416–1426), Earl of Dorset (1411/12–26), Lord High Admiral (1413–26), Lord Chancellor of England (1410–12)

HYWE009 Richard de Vere (1385–1417), 11th Earl of Oxford (1406–17)

HYWE010 Thomas, Lord Camoys (1351–1421), 1st Baron Camoys (1383–1419/21)

HYWE011 Edmund de Ferrers (1386–1435), 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley

HYWE012 Henry FitzHugh (~1363–1425), 3rd Baron FitzHugh (1386–1425), Constable of England (1413), Chamberlain of the Household (1413–25), Treasurer of England (1416–21)

HYWE013 John de Ros (~1397–1421), 7th Baron de Ros of Helmsley (1414–21)

HYWE014 Michael de la Pole (1394–1415), 3rd Earl of Suffolk

HYWE015 Sir Robert de Umfraville (~1363–1436), Lord of Redesdale, Vice Admiral of England (1410-36)

HYWE016 William de Clinton (1377-1432), 4th Baron Clinton of Marstoke

HYWE017 Sir Gerard Ufflett (??-??)

HYWE018 Sir John de Harington (1384–1418), 4th Baron Harington of Aldingham (Lancashire)

HYWE019 Sir John Grey (~1387–1439), Captain of Gournay

HYWE020 Sir Thomas Erpingham (~1355–1428), Chamberlain of the Household (1399–1404), Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1399–1409), Commander of Longbow Archers (1415)

HYWE021 Walter Hungerford (1378–1449), 1st Baron Hungerford of Heytesbury, Speaker of the House of Commons (1414–15), Lord High Treasurer (1426–32)

HYWE022 Sir Robert Babthorp, Lord Steward (1421–24 & 1432–33)

HYWE023 Loys [Louis] de Robersart [Robsart] (??-1430), Standard bearer (1415)

HYWE024 Thomas de Strickland, Esquire (1367-1455), St. George Banner bearer (1415), Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire (1410 & 1414)

HYWE025 Thomas Chaucer, Esquire (1367-1434), Speaker of the House of Commons (1407–11, 1414-15 & 1421), Chief Butler of England (1404–34)

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Hundred Years War - Agincourt 1415 French Knights

HYWF001 Charles I d'Albret (??-1415), Connétable de France (1402-11 & 1413-15), Comte de Dreux (1413–15)

HYWF002 Jean II Le Maingre “Boucicaut” (1366-1421), Maréchal de France

HYWF003 Charles d’Orléans (1394-1465), Duc de Valois (1406–65), Duc d’Orléans (1407-21), Comte de Blois et Beaumont-sur-Oise (1407–65)

HYWF004 Antoine de Brabant (1384–1415), Duc de Brabant, Lothier et Limburg (1406–15), Comte de Rethel (1402–07)

HYWF005 John I de l’Alençon, “the Sage” (1385–1415), Duc de l’Alençon (1414–15), Comte de l’Alençon (1404–14) et du Perche (1404–15)

HYWF006 Edward III de Bar (1377-1415), Duc de Bar (1411-15)

HYWF007 Jean de Bourbon (1381–1434), Duc de Bourbon (1410-34), Duc d’Auvergne (1416-34), Comte de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis (1400–24), Comte de Forez (1410–34), Comte de Montpensier (1416–34), Comte de l'Isle-Jourdain (1405–21)

HYWF008 Philip II, Comte de Nevers (1389-1415), Comte de Nevers (1405–15) et de Rethel (1407–15)

HYWF009 Frederick I de Lorraine (1368–1415), Comte de Vaudémont et Joinville (1393-1415)

HYWF010 Robert de Bar (1390–1415), Comte de Soissons (1412-15) et de Marle (1413-15), Seigneur de Marle (1397-1413)

HYWF011 Jean VI, Comte de Roucy (??-1415)

HYWF012 Waleran III de Luxembourg (1355–1415), Comte de Ligny (1371–1415) et de Saint Pol (1378–1415), “Comte de Fauqemberg”

HYWF013 Edward II, Comte de Grand-pré (??-1415)

HYWF014 Henry II, Comte de Blâmont (??-1415)

HYWF015 Jacques de Châtillon (??-1415), Seigneur de Dampierre, Amiral de France

HYWF016 Charles d’Artois (1394–1472), Comte de l’Eu (1397-1472)

HYWF017 Louis I de Bourbon (1376–1446), Comte de Vendôme (1393-1446), Comte de Castre (1425-46),  Grand Chamberlain de France (1408), Grand Maître de France (1413)

HYWF018 Arthur III de Richemont (1393–1458), Earl of Richmond (1425–50), Duc de Bretagne et Comte du Montfort (1457–58), Connétable de France (1425–50), Seigneur de Parthenay

HYWF019 Jean I Raguenel (??-1415), Vicomte de la Bellière, Seigneur de Chatel-Oger, de Beaumont, de Cramoul, d'Ercé et de Belle-Isle

HYWF020 Jean de Fayel (??-1420), Vicomte de Breteuil, Comte de Dammartin

HYWF021 Guillaume de Martel (??-1415), Seigneur de Bacqueville, Porte Oriflamme

HYWF022 Jacques de Créquy (??-1415), Seigneur de Créquy, Maréchal de Guienne

HYWF023 Jean IV 'le Hutin' (??-1415), Seigneur d'Aumont

HYWF024 Robert VI d'Harcourt (??-1415), Seigneur de Beaumesnil


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The following Historic designs on this page are compatible and intended for use with the miniature ranges listed. However, the designs can be adapted to work with other miniature scales and ranges, too. Click on the categories below to move down to the appropriate design collections currently available.

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Knights Crusader - 3rd Crusade (1187-92) Flemish Commanders, Leaders & Crusaders

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15mm Legio Heroica ‘The Holyland’ Crusader Kingdoms® (see Legal Stuff) metal miniatures.

Hundred Years War - Agincourt 1415 French Knights

28mm Front Rank Figurines Medieval Hundred Years War® (see Legal Stuff) mounted & foot knights metal miniatures.

Armorial Roll 1150 - 1350

25/28mm Wargames Foundry Medieval Mounted & Foot Knights® (see Legal Stuff) metal miniatures.

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