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The designs featured on this page are all of an historical nature and, therefore, will not be unique to either your miniatures or your table-top army. They are intended purely for use with miniature ranges that are appropriate to the medieval period of history. Design codes are shown below the displayed images.

When commissioning a set of decals, please quote the design codes you wish to have incorporated into your decal-set.  

Scottish Wars of Edward I - III

Armorial Roll 1150 - 1350

The following Historic designs on this page are compatible and intended for use with the miniature ranges listed. However, the designs can be adapted to work with other miniature scales and ranges, too. Click on the categories below to move down to the appropriate design collections currently available.

Knights Hospitaller - Masters & Brothers

Knights Templar - Masters & Brothers

Knights Crusader - 3rd Crusade (1187-92) English Commanders, Leaders & Crusaders

Knights Crusader - 3rd Crusade (1187-92) French Commanders, Leaders & Crusaders

Knights Crusader - 3rd Crusade (1187-92) Flemish Commanders, Leaders & Crusaders

28mm FireForge Games Templar Knights Cavalry & Templar Infantry® (see Legal Stuff) and Mounted Sergeants & Foot Sergeants® (see Legal Stuff) plastic miniatures.

15mm Legio Heroica ‘The Holyland’ Crusader Kingdoms® (see Legal Stuff) metal miniatures.

Hundred Years War - Agincourt 1415 French Knights

28mm Front Rank Figurines Medieval Hundred Years War® (see Legal Stuff) mounted & foot knights metal miniatures.

Armorial Roll 1150 - 1350

25/28mm Wargames Foundry Medieval Mounted & Foot Knights® (see Legal Stuff) metal miniatures.

HSW001 Edward I “Longshanks” “Hammer of the Scots” (1239-1307), King of England, Ireland & Scotland (1272-1307), Duke of Aquitaine

Edward II (1284-1327), King of England (1307-27)

HSW002 Aymer de Valence (~1275-1324), 2nd Earl of Pembroke

HSW003 Robert de Clifford (1305-1344), 3rd Baron de Clifford (1327-44), 3rd Lord of Skipton, Hereditary Sheriff of Westmorland

HSW004 John de Warenne (1231-1304), 6th Earl of Surrey

John de Warenne (1286-1347), 7th Earl of Surrey

HSW005 Henry de Lacy (1251-1311), Earl of Lincoln (1272-1311), Constable of Chester

HSW006 Roger le Bigod (~1245-1306), 5th Earl of Norfolk (1270–13060, Lord Marshal of England (1269–1306)

HSW007 Ralph de Monthermer (~1270-1325), 1st Baron Monthermer, Earl of Hertford, Earl of Gloucester, Earl of Atholl

HSW008 Edward of Caernnarfon (1284-1327), Prince of Wales (1301-07)

HSW009 Gilbert de Clare (1243-1295), 6th Earl of Hertford (1262-95), 7th Earl of Gloucester (1262-95), Lord of Glamorgan (1263-95)

Gilbert de Clare (1291-1314), 7th Earl of Hertford (1308-14), 8th Earl of Gloucester (1308-14)

HSW010 Guy de Beauchamp (1272-1315), 10th Earl of Warwick (1298-1315)

HSW011 Gilbert d’Umfraville (~1246–1308), Earl of Angus (1246–1308)

HSW012 Henry de Percy (1273–1314), 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick

HSW013 Humphrey (VI) de Bohun (~1249-1298), 3rd Earl of Hereford (1275-97), 2nd Earl of Essex (1275-97), Lord High Constable (1275-97), Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1264)

HSW014 Jean de Bretagne (~1266-1334), 4th Earl of Richmond (1306-34)

HSW015 Richard FitzAlan (~1306-1376), 10th Earl of Arundel (1331-76), 8th Earl of Surrey (1347-76)

HSW016 Robert de Vere (~1257-1331), 6th Earl of Oxford (1296-1331)

Design code index

HSW017 Edmund Crouchback (1245-1296), Earl of Leicester (1267-96), Earl of Lancaster (1276-96), Count of Champagne and Brie (1276-84)

HSW018 Antony Bek (??-1311), Prince Bishop of Durham (1284-1310), Constable of the Tower of London (1275)

HSW019 John Comyn (??-1308), 3rd Earl of Buchan (1289-1308), Constable of Scotland (1293), Justiciar of Scotia (~1300-05)

HSW020 Maol Choluim I (??-1303), Earl of Lennox (1250-1303)

HSW021 Maol Íosa III (??-??), Earl of Strathearn (1271-1317)

HSW022 Edward de Brus [Bruce] (1314–1318), Earl of Carrick (1315-1318), Heir of Scotland (1315-18), High King of Ireland (1315-18)

HSW023 John III 'Red' Comyn (??-1306), Lord of Badenoch (1302-06) and Lord of Lochaber

HSW024 Patrick de Dunbar (~1285-1369), 9th Earl of March (1308-69), Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1355-59)

HSW025 Robert V de Brus [Bruce] (~1210-1295), 5th Lord of Annandale (1233-1295)

HSW026 Robert Wishart (??-~1316), Bishop of Glasgow (1271-1316)

HSW027 Thomas Randolph (??-1332), 1st Earl of Moray (??-1332)

HSW028 Uilleam of Mar [Uilleam mac Dhonnchaidh] (??-1276), Earl of Mar (1244-76)

HSW029 William de Moravia (??-1370), 5th Earl of Sutherland (~1333-70)

HSW030 Sir William Wallace [Uilliam Uallas] (~1270-1305), Guardian of Scotland (1297-98)

HSW031 Adam de Well (??-1311)

HSW032 Alan la Zouche (1267-1314), 1st Baron la Zouche of Ashby

HSW033 Alexander de Baliol (~1246-1309?), Lord of Cavers, Chamberlain of Scotland.

HSW034 Amanieu VII d’Albret (??-1326), Sire d'Albret (1298-1326)

HSW035 Alexander Lindsay of Barnweill (>1279-~1309)

Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk (>1350-1381)

HSW036 Sir Alexander Seton (~1266-1350)

HSW037 Andrew de Astley (??-1301), 1st Lord Astley (1295-1301)

HSW038 Angus Og MacDonald “The Younger” of Islay (1272-1330), Lord of Islay and Lochaber

HSW039 Anthony de Luci (1283-1343), Warden of Carlisle Castle, Chief Justiciar of Ireland (1331)

HSW040 Aymer la Zouche Unauthenticated

HSW041 John de Sawtrey (??-1298), Templar Master in Scotland (1296-28)

Brian de Jay (??-1298), Templar Master in Scotland (1291-96) and in England (1296-98)

HSW042 Bryan FitzAlan (??-1306), Baron FitzAlan, High Sheriff of Yorkshire, Guardian of Scotland (1291), Constable of Roxburgh and Jedburgh Castles (1291-92), and of Dundee and Forfar Castles (1290-92)

HSW043 Edmund de Stafford [Edmund Basset] (1272-1308), 1st Baron Stafford (1299–1308)

HSW044 Edmund de Hastings (1264-1314)

HSW045 Sir Edmund Deincourt (~1256-1326), Lord d’Eynecourt

HSW046 Eustace de Hacche [Hatch] (1245-1307)

HSW047 Fitz William Deincourt (~1327-1364)

HSW048 Fitz William le Latimer (1276-1327 ), 2nd Baron of Corby

HSW049 Sir Gilbert de la Haye (??-1333), 5th Feudal Baron of Errol (Gowrie), Lord High Constable of Scotland (1309-33)

HSW050 Sir Gilbert Pecche (1220-1291)

HSW051 Giles d'Argentan (~1280-1314)

HSW052 Henry de Grey (1256-1308), 1st Baron Codnor

HSW053 Henry de Beaumont (1280-1340), 4th Earl of Buchan and 1st Baron Beaumont

HSW054 Sir Henry de Boys Unauthenticated  

HSW055 Henry de Pinkeny (1256-1315)

HSW056 Henry de Lancaster Unauthenticated  

HSW057 Henry de Segrave (~1260-1315)

HSW058 Sir Hugh Bardolf (~1259-1304), Baron Bardolf

HSW059 Hugh de Cressingham (1264-1297), English Treasurer of Scotland (1296-97)

HSW060 Sir Hugh de Courtenay (1251-1292), Feudal Baron of Okehampton (Devon)

Hugh de Courtenay (1276-1340), 9th Earl of Devon

HSW061 Hugh de Mortimer (1271-1304), Baron Mortimer

HSW062 Hugh le Despenser “The Elder” (1261-1326), 1st Earl of Winchester (1322-1326), Baron le Despenser (1265-1326), Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1320), Justice in Eyre south of the Trent (1296-1314 and 1324-26)

HSW063 Hugh Despenser “The Younger” (~1286-1326), 1st Lord Despenser, King’s Chamberlain, Constable of Odiham Castle

HSW064 Hugh Poyntz (??-1308), 1st Baron Poyntz  

HSW065 Humphrey de Beauchamp  (1251-1316)

HSW066 Humphrey (VII) de Bohun (1276-1322), 4th Earl of Hereford (1297-1322), 3rd Earl of Essex (1297-1322),

Lord High Constable (1298-1321)

HSW067 James de Torthorald [Torthowald] Unauthenticated  

HSW068 James Douglas (~1286-1330), Lord of Douglas (1298-1330)

HSW069 James Stewart (~1260-1309), 5th High Steward of Scotland (1283-1309)

HSW070 Jean de Bar Unauthenticated  

HSW071 John Ap-Adam III (??-1311), 1st Baron Ap-Adam (1299-1310)

HSW072 John Bassett Unauthenticated  

HSW073 John de Botetourt (1266-1324), 1st Baron Botetourt (1305-24)

HSW074 John de Beauchamp (1274-1336), 1st Baron Beauchamp of Hatch, Governor of Sturminster Castle (1325)

HSW075 Sir John de Benstede, King's Secretary (1299-??), Keeper of the Great Seal and Keeper of the Wardrobe (for Edward I), Chancellor of the Exchequer (1305-06)

HSW076 John de Cauntelo Unauthenticated  

HSW077 John de Clavering (1266-1331/32), Baron Clavering

HSW078 John de Cromwell (1250-??), Baron Cromwell (1308)

HSW079 John Droxford (??-1329), Bishop of Bath and Wells (1309-29)

HSW080 John d’Engaine (1302-1358), 2nd Baron d’Engaine

HSW081 John de Ferrers (1271-~1324), 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley, Seneschal of Aquitaine (1288)

HSW082 John de Grey (1300-1359), 1st Baron Grey de Rotherfield (1338–59), Lord Steward of the Royal Household of King Edward III (1349)

HSW083 John Hastings (1262-1313), 1st Baron Hastings (1290-1313), 13th Baron Bergavenny

HSW084 John Hastings , Baron Bergavenny Unauthenticated  - see SWE083 above

HSW085 Sir John de Havering Unauthenticated  

HSW086 Sir John de la Mare Unauthenticated

HSW087 John de Moels (1269–1310), 1st Baron Moels

HSW088 John de Mohun (~1268-1330), 1st Baron Mohun of Dunster

HSW089 John de Mortimer Unauthenticated

HSW090 John de Neville Unauthenticated


Unauthenticated = to-date, detailed information for the named armiger has not been found to verify a match with the heraldry from the Falkirk, Stirling or Caerlaverock Armorial Rolls.

Design codes HSW091 - HSW205 - are work in progress

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HAR001  Alexander III (1241–1286), King of Scots (1249–86)

HAR002  Thomas de Beauchamp (~1313–1369), 11th Earl of Warwick, Hereditary High Sheriff of Worcestershire (1333–69), High Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire (1344–69), Marshall of England (1343/4–69), English Commander at Crécy and Poitiers, Guardian of Edward, the Black Prince. Arms displayed are those of the Newburgh Earls of Warwick

HAR003  Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (~1223–1282), Last King of Wales (1258–82), Prince of Wales and Gwynedd (1246-82)

HAR004  John de Strathbogie (~1266–1306), 9th Earl of Atholl, Warden and Judiciary of Scotland

HAR005  Baldwin de Redvers (??–1155), 1st Earl of Devon (1141–55)

HAR006  Edmund of Almain (1249–1300), 2nd Earl of Cornwall (1272–1300)

HAR007  Ranulph de Blondeville (1170–1232), 4th/6th Earl of Chester  (1181–1232), 1st Earl of Lincoln (1217–31)

HAR008  William de Ferrers I (??-1190), 3rd Earl of Derby (1162–90)

William de Ferrers II (~1168–~1247), 4th Earl of Derby (1168–1247)

William de Ferrers III (1193–1254), 5th Earl of Derby (1247–54)

HAR009  Simon de Montfort IV “The Elder” (~1175–1218), Lord of Montfortl'Amaury, 5th Earl of Leicester (1206–18), Lord High Steward (1206–18)

HAR010  William Longespée “Long Sword” (~1176–1226), 3rd Earl of Salisbury (1196–1226)

Sir William II Longespée “Long Sword” (~1212–1250), fitz William 3rd Earl of Salisbury

HAR011  Saer [Saher] de Quincy (~1170–1219), 1st Earl of Winchester (1207-19)

HAR012  Fulk I FitzWarin (??–1170/1) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk II FitzWarin (??–1197) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk III FitzWarin (~1160–1258), Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk IV FitzWarin (??–1264) Marcher Lord of Shropshire

Fulk V FitzWarin, (1251–1315), 1st Baron FitzWarin

Design code index

HAR013  Guy de Bryan [Gui de Brienne] (<1319–1390), 1st Baron Bryan (1275-97), King’s Standard Bearer at Calais (1346), Keeper of the Great Seal of England (1349), Admiral of the Fleet (1369)

HAR014  Sir Roger de Trumpington (??–1289), Crusader knight of Cambridgeshire

HAR015  Amaury [Emery] de Lucy (~1210–1276)

HAR016  Geoffrey de Geneville [Joinville] (1225/33–1314), 1st Baron Geneville, Baron of Trim (County Meath in Ireland), Seigneur of Vaucouleurs (Champagne), Marshal of England (1297)

HAR017  William de Greystoke (1321–1359), 2nd Baron Greystoke (1323–59)

HAR018  William de Middleton (??–1288), Archdeacon of Canterbury (1275), Bishop of Norwich (1278–88)

HAR019  Sir Roald de Richmond, “The Elder” (~1165–1252), 4th Constable of Richmond Castle

Sir Roald de Richmond, “The Younger” (~1230–1262), 6th Constable of Richmond Castle

HAR020  Mathieu IV de Montmorency “Le Grand” (1252–1304), Baron de Montmorency,  Amiral et Grand Chambellan de France, Seigneur de Damville

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