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Here’s the latest news update (OCTOBER 2017).

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NEW product releases for October 2017

28mm Wars of the Roses sets

A new Yorkist Banners & Standards set:

H28-WRYVS39 - Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley

+ Sir John Devereux of Bodenham [Son].

Two new Yorkist Livery Badges sets:

H28-WRYIS49 - Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley

H28-WRYIS50 - Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley [Ferrers Livery Badge].

A new Yorkist Battle Retinue set:

H28-WRYRS29 - Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley

+ Sir John Devereux of Bodenham [Son].

15mm Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards sets

Three Yorkist Banners & Standards sets, as follows:

H15-WRYVS13 - Sir Richard Neville of Middleham, 5th EARL of SALISBURY & EARL of WESTMORELAND

H15-WRYVS14 - Sir John Mowbray of Framlington, 3rd DUKE of NORFOLK & EARL MARSHAL of ENGLAND

H15-WRYVS15 - Sir John de la Pole, 2nd EARL of SUFFOLK.

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28mm General Heraldry - Heraldic Beasts sets

Two new releases of decal-sets in this range are for Dragons and Wyverns and have the product codes GH28-HBDS01 - GH28-HBDS08 and GH28-HBWS01 - GH28-HBWS08 respectively, all priced at £2.50 + 20% EU VAT (Price code DDS0). As with all the Fields & Furs sets, these new sets are all printed on CLEAR decal carrier film.

28mm Fantasy pages and decal-sets

The very first decal-sets that CitadelSix Custom Design produced eight years ago were intended for use with GW Warhammer Bretonnians®. Since that time sales of those sets have slowly tailed off, due mainly to the demise of that particular range of miniatures. So, it is with a little sadness that I’ve decided to discontinue the Fantasy range of decals altogether, and concentrate solely on the Historic product ranges. However, I’ll still produce Fantasy decals and sets, but only as Design Commissions. As a consequence of this decision, the Fantasy range has been removed from the website and is no longer available as a menu item.    

Guidelines, Hints & Tips

Guidelines for decals printed on WHITE and CLEAR carrier films have been updated and added to this page.

Further product releases for 1Q 2018