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26th November 2014

New 28mm Historic Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards & Livery Badges decal-sets

A new Banners & Standards set, plus three new Livery Badges sets now available.

Each Banner s & Standards set consists of:

Click here to see an example of one of the decal-sets (H28-WRLVS01)

The advantage of using brass foil for the banners and standards is that they are far more robust and durable than paper ones. The foil can also be bent and keep its shape without the need for stiffening with PVA glue like paper flags do.  

Click on product codes to view the sets

Yorkist Banners & Standards set

Product code: H28-WRYVS28 Sir John Mowbray of Framlington, 3rd DUKE of NORFOLK & EARL MARSHAL of ENGLAND

Price: £6.00 per set.

Lancastrian Livery Badges sets

Product code: H28-WRLIS37 Sir Richard Woodville of the Mote, 1st EARL RIVERS (alternate badges)

Product code: H28-WRLIS38 Sir Richard Woodville of the Mote, 1st EARL RIVERS (alternate badges)

Product code: H28-WRLIS39 Sir Anthony Woodville of the Mote, 2nd EARL RIVERS & Lord Scales

Price: £3.00 per set.

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