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Here’s the latest news update (APRIL 2017).

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NEW product releases for April 2017

One new Wars of the Roses Yorkist Banners & Standards set available for the Scrope family - Sirs Thomas, John and Richard [H28-WRYRS35].

Yorkist Banners & Standards set H28-WRYRS22 has been revised for Sir John Scrope of Bolton, his Personal Arms Banner replacing the Banner of St. George in the set.

BRAND NEW! 15mm Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards sets

Two Lancastrian and eight Yorkist Banners & Standards sets now available in 15mm scale. These are printed on self-adhesive-backed paper and each 99mmx57mm sheet contains one swallow-tailed Company Standard, a Personal Arms Banner and four Livery Banners or three Livery Banners + Banner of St. George. Each set also includes 30mm hardened brass wire banner staffs. These first 10 sets are priced at £1.00 each + 20% VAT (EU customers only) and are for the following:

H15-WRLVS01 - Henry Plantagenet, HENRY VI

H15-WRLVS02 - Henry Tudor, HENRY VII

H15-WRYVS01 - Edward Plantagenet, EDWARD IV

H15-WRYVS02 - Richard Plantagenet, RICHARD III

H15-WRYVS03 - George Plantagenet, DUKE of CLARENCE


H15-WRYVS05 - Sir William Neville, EARL of KENT & Lord Fauconberg

H15-WRYVS06 - Richard Neville of Middleham, EARL of WARWICK

H15-WRYVS07 - Richard Plantagenet, 3rd DUKE of YORK

H15-WRYVS08 - Richard Plantagenet, DUKE of GLOUCESTER.

28mm Historic Fantasy product range now discontinued

The Historic Fantasy product range has now been discontinued and the Agincourt 1415 English and French mounted knights sets withdrawn from stock. Since the demise of Games Workshop’s Warhammer World® gaming product line, and particularly the Bretonnians® along with it, the demand for the Historic Fantasy range of decals has tailed off. Consequently, it made sense to discontinue the product line altogether, and introduce the 15mm Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards range in its place. The website has been updated to reflect these changes.

Planned for 3Q 2017:

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