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Here’s the first news update since the new-look website went live in January.

Armorial Roll 1250 - 1350  

Long over-due, but now available at long last! There are thirteen sets that comprise the first release, all priced at £3.60, including 20% VAT. A further 12 are planned for the next release, which are currently in the initial design stages. You can find the first new sets on the Armorial Roll page here.

New Packaging Labels

As previously announced, the new packaging labels have now been introduced and are gradually replacing the old style labels as remaining stocks run out.

Further New Releases

As well as the upcoming 12 sets of Armorial Roll 1250 - 1350 decals, some additional Wars of the Roses Battle Retinue sets are in plan for release by the end of June 2015. So, look out for announcements on this website as well as Tabletop Gaming News (TGN) and The Wargames Website.

News Archive

An archive of News items is now available on the website, so you can look back for previous announcements as time rolls on.

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