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Welcome to the new-look website. It is hoped that you find it a lot more user-friendly with the addition of PayPal, a search facility and simpler navigation panels. It was time for the old website to be replaced, as it had developed ‘organically’ over time and had become increasingly more difficult to navigate, as a consequence.

Now for some more good news.

Wars of the Roses Battle Retinue Sets  

These are new sets that combine Livery Badges decal-sets with appropriate sets of Banners & Standards. So anyone who wishes to create a retinue for, say, Sir John Mowbray of Framlington, 3rd DUKE of NORFOLK & EARL MARSHAL of ENGLAND, can select Battle Retinue Set H28-WRYRS23, which comprises Livery Badges set H28-WRYIS03 and Banners & Standards set H28-WRYVS28. With the increase in the price of the individual decal-sets (see Price Increases news item below) these two sets would individually cost a total of £13.50 (including 20% EU VAT). However, the Battle Retinue Set sells at £11.70 (including 20% EU VAT); a saving of £1.80!

You can find these new sets on the following two pages: Lancastrian and Yorkist.

Improved photo-etched brass Banner blanks and wire Banners Staffs

Since replacing the original hand-cut pewter foil blanks with the photo-etched brass ones in the Banners & Standards sets, there’s been enough elapsed time to hear what customers have said about them. As a result of the feedback and comments received, both the brass blanks and 60mm wire staffs are now of a thinner, lighter gauge.

New Packaging Labels

To offset the cost of printing in colour, while retaining the established and recognisable CitadelSix brand logo, the packaging labels will now be printed on a Yellow 160gsm card in monochrome. The packaging label will also carry the description of the decal-set’s subject matter and contents on the front, for easier identification.

As stocks of the old packaging labels run out, they will be replaced with the new ones. As a result, there will be a period of transition from the old look to the new, as this occurs.   

Now for the not so good news.

Price Increases

From feedback and comments I’ve received from customers over the past year, and comparing the prices and sizes of my products with those of other traders’ at gaming events, I’ve discovered that my products and design services are significantly under-priced.

Now, while this may not be a bad thing, in order to stay competitive and survive in the market place, I have to meet continually increasing production costs. In addition, the costs involved with the design and production of the decal-sets, and those required to meet the continuing demand for design commission work, must also be covered. Consequently, an increase in the pricing of the products and design services can no longer be avoided.

Therefore, as from 1st January 2015, the following prices will take effect:

The cost prices of products and services supplied to miniature manufacturers also will be affected, but not significantly and only then, subject to prior discussion and agreement.

EU VAT Legislation

Due to the introduction of new European Union (EU) legislation, from 1st January 2015, all businesses supplying ‘digital services’ to customers within the EU will be required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT will be paid to the customer’s country and charged at the rate applicable in that country.

Digital Services or e-Services include such items, as:

The above are examples and not a complete list. The list of Digital Services that fall within the scope of the new EU legislation is certain to grow and change with time.

As a result of this new EU VAT legislation, I am now obliged by law to charge VAT on all my products and services sold to customers within the EU, even though, under UK tax law, my business does not generate enough annual income to be required to pay VAT to the UK HMRC.      

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