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Here’s the latest news update (December 2016).

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NEW Historic decal-set releases for December 2016

Seven new Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards sets - one set for the Lancastrians and six more for the Yorkists. See them here: H28-WRLVS25, H28-WRYVS29, H28-WRYVS30, H28-WRYVS31, H28-WRYVS32, H28-WRYVS33 and H28-WRYVS34.

Thirty-three, Yes, 33 revised sets of 15mm Knights Crusader and Military Orders - Masters & Brothers decals-sets, each retailing at the lower price of £3.00 (which includes 20% VAT), ALL printed on CLEAR decal film! Far too many to list them all here, so go browse them on the 15mm Knights Crusader - 1st Crusade and Knights Hospitaller and Templar pages.

And finally, a new addition and update to the Armorial Roll 1150-1350 range of 28mm sets. All sets beginning with the product code H28-AR1xx are compatible with Essex Miniatures Medieval - Early Period / Feudal® and Crusades® range of 28mm figures, and to start things off H28-AR101 features Richard I ‘Coeur de Lion’. The set includes two heater shield variants, to provide modellers and gamers slightly more flexibility when selecting an appropriate miniature.